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Breaking Free to Abundance

A Weekly Women's MasterMind for Eliminating Any and All Obstacles to Abundant Living.

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We are a group of women dedicated to pushing boundaries within our businesses, our lives and above all, within ourselves.

Because blazing your own trail through life isn’t some overstated cliché you pay lip service to on your Twitter feed or your Pinterest page.

It’s something you live out every day when you practice your values (there’s no need to preach)

Choose courage over comfort, curiosity over fear. 

And do what’s right even when it brings you to your knees.

Living consciously - living a wide-awake life is not for the faint of heart.  It’s about not shrinking away from challenges that bubble up in the form of feelings of shame, guilt, greed, anger, lack of trust and sadness.  Feelings that exist within all of us.  And instead?  Meeting them with curiosity and compassion wherever they show up in your work/career, relationships food/health, and yes even around money.

No one is immune from these challenges but you don’t have to face them alone.  You’ve got the support of a courageous group of women all striving to live a life where we consciously choose to dedicate ourselves to living with loving intention and passion for everything we do - together.

I’m Leisa Peterson and I struggled with feeling not good enough, questioning my value and feeling isolated so believe me when I say - I get it.  Thankfully, there was always a part of me that knew this wasn’t how life was supposed to be lived.  This wasn’t how I was meant to feel all the time.

Since then, I’ve worked tirelessly for many years teaching myself how to break free from the cycle of pain.  Once I learned the steps to start healing myself and facing my “shadows” everything in my life began to change for the better. (steps I’ll absolutely be sharing with you in this group)  My health, my relationships my money and my career/ business all began to transform into what I’d always wanted them to be.  Now they’re filled with joy, happiness and synchronicity beyond my imagination.

The Breaking Free to Abundance program is designed to help you break free from the mental and emotional “blocks” holding you back (including but not limited to those that involve money) so that you’re able to:

  • Be well paid for the work that you do (can I get a hell yes!)

  • Be able to create a thriving & profitable business based on your life’s passions

  • Have the freedom to choose how you spend your time (instead of allowing everyone else to dictate your schedule)

  • Be free of your physical, emotional and mental stress (and know how to deal when it creeps in again)

  • Take vacations with your family and friends when you want to

  • Freedom to hire help when you want to

  • Be seen as an inspirational leader by your family, friends, clients  and colleagues

  • Feel connected to rather than separate from the world around you

  • Take responsibility for aspects of your life where in the past you’ve felt very victimized

  • Overcome resistance & start learning how to be friends with aspects of yourself that you’ve kept hidden

Are you getting excited yet?  Can you see the potential waiting within your life?  Within yourself?  Are you feeling energized by the idea of connecting with an amazing group of like-minded women all committed to stretching the limits of the status quo and defining freedom for themselves?

Great!  Send me a note at to be notified when the new course starts up in February of 2017!

What is it?

Breaking Free to Abundance is a 90-day weekly group coaching & mastermind program designed exclusively for women.
The program is the culmination of close to three decades of my own money, emotional, and body-centered work brought together into a live hands-on weekly wisdom circle group for women who are ready to engage in extraordinary healing, heart-opening insights, deep transformation and soul soothing community support.

How does it work?

The circle will be facilitated by me, Leisa Peterson, CFP ®.  I’ve been assisting individuals with an inner and outer awareness of money for over 25 years.  By combining a deep level of personal self-awareness and self-love with a practical understanding of what it takes to create material abundance, I’ll help you break free from your perceived limitations so you can step into a new way of being - so you can finally live in harmony with money, business, relationships and health.  By fully discovering, allowing and accepting your own way of being without limitation, you step into your fullest potential as a human being and beyond.

Every week we’ll meet to explore questions, share personal situations where you’re feeling “stuck”, engage in discussions and work with me directly to move through mental & emotional “blocks”.  I’ll show you various techniques for emotional clearing as well as engage in more practical discussions for creating a life of greater harmony and abundance.

We’ll also communicate through a private Facebook group where various prompts will be given to spark thought-provoking discussions and on-going communication.

What’s the commitment?

You need to be prepared to show up for the full 90 days and contribute whenever it’s possible for you to do so.

You'll want to attend the in-person retreat in Sedona, AZ in May, 2017.

All sessions will be recorded and available for replay if for some reason you can’t attend live.


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Guidelines for Group Participation  

1. Take full responsibility for your own journey.
2. Take your own share of responsibility for the effectiveness and health of the group including keeping the group on its task while ensuring the tasks do not get done at the cost of healthy relationships in the group.
3. Honor your own process and that of others.  Let it be okay for members to be in different places and to see different truths.  We need all perspectives, not just one person's.
4. Use "I" statements - "I feel..."
5. Be mindful of others feelings or reactions.  This does not mean one should avoid conflict.  It may mean, however, remembering to reassure others of one's respect or affection when sharing a perspective that they might take as hostile to their own stance. This could also be seen as tactfulness - for example, if you feel hurt or angry about what someone else says or does, tell them directly but also as empathically as possible.  Never talk about other members behind their backs.  If something bothers you, be forthright in raising it in the group.
6. Sometimes it is not appropriate to be tactful.  Perhaps you are testing what it means to be angry or confronting because you haven't given yourself that opportunity in the past - then tell members in the group about what you are doing so we understand and create the space for your exploration.
7. Talk with and to one another outside of the group.  Help support one another when you feel someone needs comforting, reassurance, support, challenging or encouragement to be more honest or confrontational.
8.  All journeyers are equal - no one is more or less.  
9. Take responsibility for group discussions.  If group decides to do something you don't want to do, take responsibility for speaking up or not being persuasive enough to change the decision.  If you would like things to be different, don't just complain. Bring it up to the group persuasively and constructively.
10.  Take responsibility for trying to get your needs met.  Do not assume others can read your mind.
11.  Take responsibility for your own participation and non-participation. Ask for assistance when you need it.
12.  Stay in touch with your deeper, wiser self to know if you should be a part of this particular group and trust what it tells you.  
(Inspired by Guidelines for Hero's Within groups by Carol S. Pearson in her book, The Hero Within)
Other Details:
For questions - please write to Leisa at
Sessions will be call in/webinar form to allow international members to participate without having to incur long distance charges.
Occasionally, Leisa will need to re-schedule sessions or do two sessions in one week to accommodate for travel/other obligations.
When you sign up you will be setting up a credit card that will be billed monthly at the beginning of the month.
Sessions will be recorded so you can listen to replays which will be posted in our education center.
By joining, you will be given complementary access to Leisa's Power Up Your Wealth Program ($997 value)  and given access to Leisa's library of meditation courses and meditations.  Learn more at  
To Sign Up For a Waiting List for the next time the program is offered Sign Up below
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I’m Leisa Peterson, a life coach for entrepreneurs.  I combine my skills as a certified financial planner with over 20 years in personal finance and the entrepreneurial experience of being a self-made millionaire.  Then I mix in years of studying mindfulness, meditation and other techniques designed to help highly motivated, successful entrepreneurs reconnect to their passions and remove their money blocks so they can achieve even greater levels of freedom, prosperity and peace in their business and personal lives.  You can connect with me at or


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